DAILA Gugo Liquid Shampoo 250ml

DAILA Gugo Liquid Shampoo 250ml

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DAILA Gugo Liquid Shampoo 250ml

DAILA Herbal Community Enterprises

Premium Coconut Oil, Alkali Lemongrass & Daila's Special Essence


  •   Mild for babies and sensitive skin
  •   Moisturizing soap. Helps smoothen the skin
  •   Deodorizing ingredients. Helps to get rid of body odors
  •   Helps prevent itching and skin allergies
  •   Alleviates sunburn, eczema and other forms of dermatitis
  •   Help regenerate skin cells thereby hastening the healing of wounds

For any type of skin - The Lemon Grass and Patchouli acts as natural germicide. Best soap for babies and those with sensitives skin. 

Deodorizing: after eating seafood, one has to follow up with lemon or tea leaves to take out the seafood smell. Using Daila Pure and Natural is enough.