DAILA Victoria Granules - Laundry Soap - 750g

DAILA Victoria Granules - Laundry Soap - 750g

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DAILA Victoria Granules - Laundry Soap - 750g

DAILA Herbal Community Enterprises

Coconut Oil, Alkali, Herbal Essential Oils

Victoria Natural Herbal Soap Granules is gentle on fabrics and skin so it is safe to use as a liquid soap laundry soap or diaper wash. You can even wash your hands with it. 


Product Awards, Founding memberships and Recognitions:

  • Daila Herbal is a founding member of the Philippine Chamber of Herbal and Natural Health Industries; Federation of Natural, Organic and Environment Friendly Org, Green Forum, Philippines, Philippine Earth Society and Entrepinoy Foundation
  • Best Eco-Lifestyle Product 2010 : “Victoria Herbal Laundry Granules Philippine International Eco Show”, August 2010
  • Peace Award for Environment, International Association of Educators for World Peace, Philippines, 2005
  • Huwarang Pilipino, Science & Technology (Radyo ng Bayan), Philippines 2004
  • Product of the Fair, 5th Anniversary TLRC Trade Fair, Manila, Philippines 2002
  • Excellence in Productivity Improvement Application, Asian Productivity Organization Society, Philippines, 1998
  • Special Award of Recognition: Product for Water and Environment, Salon Mondial des Techniques L’Invention dans le domaine de I’eau, Morocco, 1998
  • Best Foreign Invention, 5th East West Euro Intellect (EWEI’97) Exhibition, Research and Innovation, Bulgaria, 1997
  • Gold Medal d’Argent, 5th East West Euro Intellect (EWEI’97) Exhibition, Research and Innovation, Bulgaria, 1997
  • Gold Medal with Mention, “3eme Salon Mondial de L’Invention et L’innovation au Moroc, Morocco, 1997
  • Silver Gild Medal, 24e Salon International Des Invention et Innovation, PALEXCOGeneva, Switzerland,1996
  • A-Rating for Herbal Ingredients and Design, International Pharmacological Fair, Netherlands, 1994


Invention’s Characteristic

Super Cleaning Power:  
100% active ingredients ;  Cleans clothes thoroughly
Easy to use – quick action ;  Easy to rinse
No need for fabric softener;
Laundry smells fresh and clean
No damage to fabrics

Herbal and Natural:
Coconut Oil-based
Herbal Essences of Citronella & Patchouli
No detergent chemicals – ABS, LAS
No fluorescent materials, phosphates, zeolites, silicates
No synthetic or detergent chemicals
No foul smell even on laundry soaked for more than a day
No need for sun drying

Mild to the hands and to the skin
Does not cause rashes to babies and delicate skin
Lather can be used as a natural shaving cream
100% Biodegradable – causes no environmental pollution

May be used as bath soap – for the hair and the skin
Can help heal skin diseases
Natural insect repellent – with water, as a spray for plants
Dried lather can be used to get rid of the pest in the infested area